Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get paid/expenses?

The Scout Association is a voluntary organisation, and you will not be paid for your role. However, no adult should feel that cost prohibits them from taking up a role in Scouting, and we are committed to reimbursing out of pocket expenses for all volunteers. You should speak to Richard Smith to find out how this works.

Where does religion fit into Scouting?

The Scout Association does not identify itself with any one religion and recognises people who chose to have no belief. Adults in Scouting should aim to encourage the spiritual development of young people in whichever faith they identify themselves with.

Who is responsible for administering first aid if there is an accident?

All trained adults in Scouting should have an up to date first aid certificate of First Response level or equivalent and are responsible for the young people in their care. On a camp or activity one person should be designated first aider. If an incident requires any consultation with or treatment by a doctor, dentist or hospital the Information Centre should be notified.

What insurance do I/the young people have?

All Members of The Scout Association have personal accident insurance and legal liability cover whilst on Scouting activities. Current details can be obtained from Scout Insurance Services on 0845 0945 702 or You can also talk to Richard Smith if you have any questions.

Can I take young people on camp straight away?

Every nights away event for young people in Scouting must be led by someone who holds a Nights Away Permit. Other leaders attending the event do not need a Nights Away Permit. Speak to your section leader to find out more about this, and to find out who your Nights Away Adviser is.

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