Sanctuary 2019

Date: 20th Oct 2019 Author: Richard Smith

On Saturday 19th October, the Scouts took part in Operation Sanctuary, a county-wide wide game. Fugitives (Scouts) were released 8 miles from Sanctuary. They then had 7 hours to navigate their way by foot back to Sanctuary, whilst evading the Catchers (Leaders), who were on the hunt for them, aiming to take lives from them. Each team had 10 lives and a 1-hour head start on the catchers, although Catchers were able to use vehicles throughout to hunt for Fugitives.

Scouts arrived at Hardwick Park, Sedgefield, at 9:30am on Saturday, where they registered, had their kit checked and received their initial briefing. They were told that they would need to return to Hardwick Park later in the day, between 6:30pm and 7:00pm, when Sanctuary opened. The location they would be dropped at was still unknown.

Scouts were then dropped in Thornley, where they became fugitives, at 12:00 noon. They were shown where they were on the map and they began their journey back to Sanctuary.

By 1:00pm the Catcher teams were released. The Catchers earned points for each team they caught throughout the day. If caught, teams were given a 30-minute grace period in which they could not be caught again and could not be caught by the same catcher team for another hour.

The 7th Darlington Sea Scouts had 2 teams representing them. The Mighty Mighty 7th and 007 Darlo. Both teams showed great determination, teamwork and skill throughout the day, with 007 Darlo being caught only 3 times, and the Mighty Mighty 7th being caught just once! Both teams made it back to Sanctuary within the allocated time and were therefore successful in completing Operation Sanctuary 2019!

Shortly after 7:00pm, after all teams had arrived back at Sanctuary, the scores were announced. Both of our Scouts teams did very well, with The Mighty Mighty 7th  placing 6th and 007 Darlo coming in at 15th out of 26 teams. Our groups Catcher team however, The 4 Musketeers, placed 1st out of all the Catcher teams, meaning they won the Catcher Shield for a second year running.

A massive congratulations to all the Scouts who partook in the event!

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls